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Kit 96-well plate Cedex


For use in quality control / manufacturing process only.

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Order information
Kit 96-well plate Cedex material number and pack size:
Material Number Pack Size
09181687001 pc
Upgrade kit, enabling the use of 96-well plate format on the Cedex Bio HT Analyzer.
The kit consists of a newly designed safety grid and a rack (Rack- 96-well plate Cedex). It is used for upgrading instruments from serial number #62000 and above. The rack 96-well plate Cedex for instruments up to serial number #61999 can be ordered separately (catalog number: 09 241 400 001).
The accessory enables the use of 96-well plates on the Cedex Bio HT Analyzer. Installation of SW v6.0.0. is mandatory for the 96-well plate application.
Allows for use of 96-well plates on the Cedex Bio HT Analyzer togeher with SW v6.0.0.
The 96-well application uses semi-deepwell plates (as recommended in the operator manual) with a volume of maximum 500 µL and approximately 120 µL dead volume.