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MgCl2 Solution

1.0 M Solution

For further processing only.

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Order information
MgCl2 Solution material number and pack size:
Material Number Pack Size
06692672001 500 mL
Will be supplied as "MgCl2, 1.0 M Solution, 500 mL". Unit of measure is "piece"
Highly concentrated stock solution for the preparation of optimized PCR reaction mixes or master mixes.
1.0 M Magnesium chloride solution is filtered using 0.2 μm membrane filters, and filled in sterilized bottles.
  • Manufacture kits with consistent high performance.
    Benefit from a magnesium chloride concentration precisely adjusted with a maximum lot-to-lot variation of ±1%.
    This solution's ≤5 ppm heavy metal content ensures high level polymerase activity in your kits by avoiding inhibitory interactions.
  • Avoid false positive and false negative results.
    This product is thoroughly tested for the absence of DNAse, RNAse, protease and nicking activities. Dispensing into sterilized vials is done using 0.2 μm membrane filtration to avoid microorganism contamination.
  • Reduce supplier complexity.
    Buy polymerases, nucleotides, as well as the necessary top quality additives to consistently manufacture high performing kits.
Magnesium chloride influences the specificity and sensitivity of amplification reactions. This concentrated MgCl2 solution is a stock solution for the preparation of kits routinely used in molecular biology and molecular diagnostics.
Formula: MgCl2
Molecular weight: 95.21
Concentration (HPLC): 1.00 mol/L ± 1%
Content of heavy metal ions (including Cu and Pb): ≤5 ppm
Enzyme activities (DNases, RNases,Nicking activity, and proteases): not detectable