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AptaTaq Genotyping Master

5x concentrated

For customers in the European Economic Area: Contains SVHC: octyl/nonylphenol ethoxylates. For further processing on its own or in a mixture as part of an IVD method and under controlled conditions only – acc. to Art. 56 (3) and 3 no. 23 REACH Regulation.

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Order information
AptaTaq Genotyping Master material number and pack size:
Material Number Pack Size
05955807103 10 mL
05890152103 custom fill
05955807103: Will be supplied as ''AptaTaq Genotyping Master, 10 mL''. Unit of measure is ''piece''.
05890152103: Will be supplied as ''AptaTaq Genotyping Master''. Unit of measure is ''mL''.
Reversible hot start DNA master mix without initial activation step for maximum stability combined with sensitivity and specificity; lyo ready formulation for preparation of dried amplification mixes.
AptaTaq DNA Master is a 5x concentrated, ready-to-use, one component hot start PCR mix, containing AptaTaq DNA Polymerase in an optimized concentration for the amplification of difficult sample types, reaction buffer, and a dNTP mix using dUTP instead of dTTP (for prevention of DNA contamination by PCR carryover by pretreatment with Uracil-DNA Glycosylase).
  • Reduce time to result.
    Save up to 15 minutes per run by omitting the initial activation step required by chemically modified hot start polymerases, and reduce cycling time with fast protocols.
  • Ready for robotics.
    Rely on the stability of the AptaTaq Genotyping Master mix for PCR automation. The viscosity of the master mix is optimized for accurate pipetting. The mix is stable during setup and on the stacker for more than 24 hours.
  • Gain flexibility.
    The 5x concentrated master mix enables you to vary reaction volume and sample input for outstanding results. Use AptaTaq Genotyping Master mix for all real-time PCR instruments not requiring Rox normalization. For instruments requiring Rox normalization, use AptaTaq Genotyping Master (Rox).
  • Benefit from high stability.
    Keep the master mix in the refrigerator for up to 4 weeks and profit from a quick setup without thawing first.
Use AptaTaq Genotyping Master in genotyping or other applications with all real-time PCR instruments that do not require Rox normalization. AptaTaq Genotyping Master is ideal for high-throughput applications using low reaction volumes. The master mix can be dried-down without loss of performance.
The master mix is very stable and can be stored in the refrigerator (+2 to +8°C) for at least 4 weeks without loss of activity and performance. It is stable at room temperature for at least 2 days.
Appearance: Clear, colorless solution
Performance test in qPCR using ABI 7500
(human genomic DNA, CycA fragment): Corresponds to specification
(human genomic DNA, β-globin fragment): Corresponds to specification
(human genomic DNA, ApoE fragment): Corresponds to specification
Stability: At -15 to -25°C within specification range for 12 months.