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MycoTOOL Carrier DNA

For use in quality control / manufacturing process only.

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Order information
MycoTOOL Carrier DNA material number and pack size:
Material Number Pack Size
05619424001 5 x 320 µl
Unit of measure is "piece".
For testing of non cellular sample materials
The kit contains Carrier DNA for testing cell free samples for the absence of mycoplasma.
The kit is designed for testing 20 cell-free samples,1 ml per sample, for the absence of mycoplasma. Use the kit in conjunction with the QC Sample Preparation Kit for template preparation and the MycoTOOL Mycoplasma Detection Amplification Kit or the MycoTOOL Mycoplasma Real-Time PCR Kit for the PCR reaction.
Appearance: Clear, colorless to light yellow solution
Concentration: 2.2 - 2.6 mg/mL
Ratio A260/A280: 1.6 - 2.2
Function test: Corresponds to specification
Stability: At +2 to +8°C within specification range for 12 months.