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Multi Analyte Stripe

universal device

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Order information
Multi Analyte Stripe material number and pack size:
Material Number Pack Size
05354358103 50 stripes in 1 box
Will be supplied as "Multi Analyte Stripe". Unit of measure is "piece".
Minimum order size: 5,000 single strips.
Universal test stripe
Test stripes are delivered in boxes, each containing 50 stripes.
Use the Multi Analyte Stripes for a range of applications, such as classical sandwich immunoassays to NA/Oligo-detection.
Components of the test stripe (4.6 nm):
MAB<Dig>IgG on gold conjugate: 0.2 μg per test stripe
Poly-Streptavidin (result line): 0.8 μg per test stripe
PAB<MouseFc>IgG (control line): 0.1 μg per test stripe
Sensitivity (analytical):
A biotin/-digoxigenin-peptide in 700 μL buffer solution at a concentration of 50 pg/mL is visually detected as positive on the basis of the result line in the read out zone after chromatography.
Specificity (analytical):
The test stripes don't show a visible result line after chromatography of 700 μL buffer without adding biotin/-digoxigenin-peptide (negative control).
Stability: At +2 to +8°C from date of manufacturing for 18 months.
Remark: The Multi Analyte Stripe is an immunoassay test stripe employing anti-biotin/anti-digoxigenin.