• Stay with what you know

    The only thing you change
    is the name:
    EagleTaq DNA Polymerase


Roche EagleTaq portfolio

Amplitaq Gold® DNA Polymerase for use in the research field has always been manufactured by Roche. Continue using the Roche-manufactured enzyme by choosing the EagleTaq portfolio.

Save valuable time and 

  • keep your assay design
  • keep your protocol
  • skip a revalidation

Choose EagleTaq DNA Polymerase!

Product features of EagleTaq DNA Polymerase:
  • Highly purified, chemically modified, hot start DNA polymerase for PCR applications
  • Known high specificity, sensitivity, and yield for genomic targets
  • Chemically modified enzyme for hot start activated amplification
  • Hot start (+95°C) activation enables room temperature setup – ideal for automation
  • Compatible with dUTP and UNG to control carryover contamination
  • GMP manufacturing ensures lot-to-lot consistency and full traceability 

Products are for further processing only.

EAGLETAQ and TAQMAN are trademarks of Roche. 
AMPLITAQ GOLD® is owned by Roche and exclusively licensed to Life Technologies in the research field. All other product names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.