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UDP-N-Acetylglucosamine (UDP-Glc-NAc)

disodium salt, lyophilizate

For further processing only.

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Order information
UDP-N-Acetylglucosamine (UDP-Glc-NAc) material number and pack size:
Material Number Pack Size
11787900103 custom fill
Will be supplied as "UDP-Glc-Nac". Unit of measure is "kg".
UDP-N-Acetylglucosamin is an activated sugar.
UDP-N-Acetylglucosamine is a disodium salt, provided as a white, lyophilized substance.
Formula: C17H25N3O17P2Na2
Molecular weight:
UDPGlcNAc: 607.4 g/mol
UDPGlcNAc-Na2: 651.4 g/mol
Appearance: White lyophilizate
Solubility: Clear, colorles solution in water (c=100 mg/mL)
1H NMR: Corresponds to reference lot
UDPGIcNAc (HPLC): ≥95.0 area% (based on dry weight)
UDPGIcNAc (HPLC): ≥97.0 area%
Na (flame photometric): 6.0-8.0%
Water (K. Fischer): ≤8%
Heavy metals (as Pb): ≤25 ppm
UDP (HPLC): ≤1 area%
UMP (HPLC): ≤1 area%
UDP-galactose (HPLC): ≤0.5 area%
UDPG (HPLC): ≤1.5 area%
Uridine (HPLC): ≤0.5 area%
UTP (HPLC): ≤0.2 area%
Sum of unknown impurities (HPLC): ≤1 area%
Bioburden: ≤100 CFU/g
Stability: At +2 to +8°C within specification range for 30 months.
License disclaimer

50:Use of this product is covered by US patent claims and corresponding patent claims outside the US. The purchase of this product includes a limited, non-transferable immunity from suit under the foregoing patent claims for using only this amount of product solely in [Field], including reporting results of purchaser’s activities for a fee or other commercial consideration, and also for the purchaser’s own internal research. No right under any other patent claim is conveyed expressly, by implication, or by estoppel. Further information on purchasing licenses may be obtained by contacting the Director of Licensing, Applied Biosystems, 850 Lincoln Centre Drive, Foster City, California 94404, USA.